Beneficial Foods And Drinks For Oral Health

Foods And Drinks For Oral Health

When it comes to maintaining your oral health and teeth strength, nothing beats regular teeth brushing, flossing and routine every day’s hygiene. Occasional visitations to your dentists are also essential for prevention of teeth decaying timely. However, you can attribute to these protective activities and habits by adjusting your common diet and implementing specific nutrients and foods into your meals. You should focus on foods rich in vitamin B and C, fluoride and iodine, calcium and poor in decay-promoting sugars and acids. Regular drinking water should be fluoridated; if it’s not, you’ll have to implement fluoride you’re your diet. Fluoride is the main protector against dental cavities, and along with calcium and iodine, it protects tooth enamel and controls oral pH values. Here’s a brief rundown of several other foods that help you protect your teeth from decaying and your oral cavity from various health issues.

Dairy products

Dairy productsAs mentioned before, calcium is one of the most important elements for teeth protection and proper remineralization, and most dairy products are rich in calcium. However, not all of them are sugar-free, and the combination of lactose and additional sugars is detrimental to teeth. Thus, you should add sufficient amount of milk, yogurt and certain types of cheese onto your plate, but avoid sweetened milky products. Soft sorts of cheese are rich in phosphate too while containing low acidity, which helps maintain steady pH values in your mouth. All of this has a positive impact on teeth enamel and prevents decaying.

Beneficial fruits

When picking fruits that would help you protect your teeth, focus on fruits rich in vitamin C. There are two main reasons for this. Namely, vitamin C is a major antioxidant in our bodies, it fights toxic effects of free radicals and other pollutants, thus preventing deterioration of tissues or even malignant alteration. On the other hand, vitamin C is essential for the production of strong and healthy collagen in tissues, especially in gum tissue. Vitamin C deficiency is also known as scurvy, and one of the main characteristics of this diseases is bleeding and deterioration of gums and soft tissues in the oral cavity. At the advanced stage, the disease affects every component of teeth as well. To prevent it, fruits rich in vitamin C are the choice.

Beneficial vegetables

Beneficial vegetablesCarrots, onions, broccoli, pumpkins, and potatoes. These are just some of the beneficial vegetables you should consume more frequently to improve your dental health. Onions are powerful antioxidants and essential in fighting dental infections and bacteria growth. Celery neutralizes accumulated acids destroying teeth enamel. Carrots and pumpkins improve the quality of teeth enamel via rich content of vitamin A. Aside listed vegetables, you should exchange meet rich in fat to fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs, which are the foods with better composition and ration among nutrients, thus will keep a proper pH values and low concentration of aggressive acids in your oral cavity.

With proper and regular hygiene, brushing, flossing, and dental examinations, previously mentioned nutrients should be enough for you to improve your oral health and decrease the risk of dental health problems.

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